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Origins and Evolution of Casino

Contrary to what one might think, casino have a rich and ancient history. Their origins date back thousands of years and the expansion of the early games took place across several continents: the games originate from the customs and traditions of great civilizations. We are going to take a quick detour into what is the history of online casino games today.

You should know that Asia had the first collection of gambling. Both China and Indonesia have experimented with ancient games like Gow Poker Keno and Pai, in their original form. These games were then lottery-like forms of entertainment today, and they served as a source of funding for the kingdoms.

However, not only has Asia contributed to the expansion of gambling, historians have found traces of Babylonian-era roulette games in the Middle East. During Antiquity, the Greek invasions followed by major conflicts between the Romans and the barbarians allowed these games to transcend the limits of space and time.

Since the 19th century, leisure centers have appeared across Europe: the most famous institution of the last century was probably Monte-Carlo, created in 1861.

The United States was primarily the undisputed refuge of the first legal (and illegal) casino. During the heyday of Las Vegas casinos, casinos distinguished by being the only establishments operating as legal entities, gambling was seen as an unprecedented trend.

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Even though there were other entertainment centers in Nevada that allowed people to make money by betting, Las Vegas, soon dubbed “The Game City,” was where casino games reached. their peak. In 1970 the first luxury casinos were introduced especially in New Jersey and California. Since 1980, casinos have become known all over the world: in France, England, Australia and even Morocco!

Since 2000, the development of modern technologies and the use of the Internet have considerably revolutionized the consumption habits of users. At the same time, a large number of online casinos have appeared on the Internet, providing services similar to those offered by real and “cheaper” casinos. The online gaming market has experienced a “boom” in recent years and now anyone can play Roulette or slot machines on a personal computer connected to the Internet.

Also, to secure users’ personal information, reputable online casinos use the same technology as the big banks, making them as reliable as the more luxurious casinos.